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5% / 2.5% / 1.25% / just mix the order

Despite of the percentage queue you've got you will get 175% ROI in 60 days no matter what, but you can also be lucky enough to get return on your initial investments just in 20 days.

A totally new unique way to approach high-yield investments: a randomly generated percentage queue divided into periods of 20 days each with a total duration of 60 days.

For example: let’s say you've got 5% / 2.5% / 1.25% queue plan: which means that you’ll be receiving 5% daily payouts for the first 20 days, 2.5% for the next 20 days and 1.25% for the remaining 20 days.
You can also get the percentage queue like: 2.5% / 5% / 1.25%, etc., just mix the order.
But the most amazing thing about it is that they all are equally good, because you will always get 175% ROI in the end. Know more →

The total number of your deposits is not limited and you can increase your luck by breaking one large deposit into several small ones, so each deposit will have its own personal percentage queue.

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Preserving all the benefits of a variety of plans we split the difference for you to make the final outcome completely perfect at the very essence.


The checks and balances system gives you the opportunity to get a superfast return on your initial investments, either to get a margin in a shorter period of time due to a slightly elongated ROI period as an alternative to the previous scenario: a totally win-win game.


The plan duration is always 60 days long during which you will get 175% ROI absolutely regardless of the percentage queue you've got. This is the top equality principle.


Flexible self-managed architecture based on real time data analysis had made it possible to create the most stable high-yield investment model ever in the industry's history.

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Start .me & deposit

Supposing that you already have a Telegram account, just start the @topspiration_bot and make a deposit in your preferred payment system.
Payments available in Bitcoin, Advanced Cash and Payeer.

Get your personal percentage queue

Once your payment is processed — appreciate the beautiful animation and wait a moment until the bot will provide you with your personal percentage queue plan and all the related information.

Enjoy the daily accruals

From this moment on you begin to receive the daily accruals in accordance to your personal percentage queue plan.

Cash-out your earned money

All the accrued funds on your balance is instantly available for cash-out. Just navigate to the cash-out tab in the bot and follow the instructions.
The minimum cash-out amount is just $1.

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Being built on a deep understanding of innovations and designed with love to the smallest ux detail for you to enjoy every moment of your experience. Unbelievable speed, beautiful animations and total invulnerability against attacks of any kind, so 100% uptime is a priori guaranteed unlike any web-only based application.

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